Cheryl-Ann Hawkins, RN, MHA

Chief Operating Officer
Emeritus Research, Australia

Cheryl-Ann Hawkins is the Chief Operating Officer at Emeritus Research.  Cheryl-Ann has enjoyed working in many leadership positions in both Clinical Trials and Oncology in a career spanning 30 years.  She is an efficient end to end specialist with expertise in Oncology and first in human drug trials, including immunotherapy and GMO’s.  Cheryl-Ann is focused on the practicalities of protocols and the impact on resources at site level.  Cheryl-Ann has interest in the implementation of innovative approaches of clinical trial delivery to ensure optimal efficiencies at site level.  Cheryl-Ann is solutions oriented and thrives in the challenging clinical trial environment to ensure success for both sponsors and clinical trial participants.  She also believes in and supports, the professional development of staff to ensure they reach their full potential.

Cheryl-Ann is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Nursing,  has completed a post graduate diploma in Oncology/Palliative care nursing, a Master’s degree in Health Administration and a post graduate certificate in Cancer Research.  She has had the opportunity and privilege to educate students studying clinical trials at both Monash and Melbourne Universities.  Cheryl-Ann is the current Co-chair of SCRS Asia Pacific site solutions summit organising committee, as well a member of ARCS 2022 Annual Conference Advisory Panel.

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