Dr. Diane M. Sheehan, BVSc ,MBA,Mstr HlthSec

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Diane Sheehan is a veterinary surgeon with more than 25 years experience in the field of small animal clinical practice and biosecurity, including in managerial, policy, scientific and operational areas. Her work has focused primarily on the area of animal health, including invasive threats and zoonotic diseases.

In 2017, Dr Sheehan entered a Phase 3 randomized, double blind study. During the trail Dr Sheehan experienced several adverse events resulting in permanent injury.  She has not worked since the manifestation of AE’s.

A compensation claim began in February 2019 and was finalised in September 2021. Medicines Australia (MA) clearly sets out guidelines for compensation the first sentence stipulates that it “favours a simple and expeditious procedure in relation to the provision of compensation for injury caused by participation in clinical trials.”

Dr Sheehan’s experience in pursuing compensation has been neither, simple nor expeditious.

Dr Sheehan is sharing her experience to highlighting the current deficiencies and to raise awareness around dealing with AE’s to those working in this space and policy makers, with a view to improving how AE’s, injury, and compensation are dealt with in the future and a call for Regulations in this space.   


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