Melissa Groom, RN

Senior Nurse Program Manager, Research Nursing & Phlebotomy Regional Specialist
IQVIA, Australia

Melissa Groom is an accomplished Senior Nurse Program Manager and Research Nursing and Phlebotomy Specialist in Australia at IQVIA.

With a career spanning 10+ years across a multiple positions in healthcare and industry, supported by a diverse range therapeutic area experience with a specialised focus in oncology and haematology, she has consistently demonstrated a passion for advancing patient health outcomes.

Combining her clinical background with a comprehensive knowledge of program management, Melissa has successfully led and overseen numerous complex patient support and education programs, alongside decentralised clinical trials. Melissa currently oversees IQVIA’s in home decentralised trial offering across Australia and played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of decentralised clinical trials home service. Melissa possesses a profound understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by decentralised trials, ensuring seamless implementation and execution.

Drawing from her background across multiple settings, Melissa brings a compassionate and patient-centric approach to all aspects of her work. Passionate, driven, and results-oriented, Melissa is proud to be at the forefront of advancing healthcare through progressive patient support programs and decentralised trial approaches.


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